How to use your computer 10x faster

How to use your computer 10x faster

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Using a computer well is an undervalued skill. It gives you an unfair advantage to research faster, write faster, and get more work done.

Below is the 80/20 of the most important hacks to use your computer faster.

Your goal should be to only use the keyboard and never touch the mouse. Once you’ve leveled up, it should feel like you’re playing an instrument.


As you run through the levels, make sure you’re physically typing out the shortcuts until they become muscle memory. Otherwise you won’t internalize them.

We recommend learning 3-5 of these per day so you can layer on learnings and don’t overwhelm yourself.

Also, the shortcuts below assume you’re using a Mac and Google Chrome. If you’re on a PC, the control key usually replaces the command key and the alt key usually replaces the option key.

Level 1: Browser Basics

Command + T to open a new tab
Command + W to close the tab
Command + Shift + T to open the tab you just closed
Command + L to jump to the address bar
Type what you want to Google, press enter.
Then do it again, and type a the name of a website (e.g., twitter). Then press control + enter to automatically add the .com
Command + 1 to jump to the first tab
Command + 9 to jump to the last tab
Command + Option + Left and Command + Option + Right to move one tab over.
  • If that doesn’t work, try Command + Shift + [ and Command + Shift + ] instead.
Make sure “Warn before Quitting” is checked in the Chrome Menu
Try searching using Command + L, then hit the up/down arrows a few times to cycle through results. Then hit enter.
  • Don’t install The Great Suspender. That’s the original, but its new owners added malware ☹️
Open a YouTube video (using Command + T). Hit the + and - buttons to control the speed.
(Overall, you should be able to watch most videos at 1.5x or faster, pausing or replaying anything you missed.)
  • This removes most YouTube ads so you don’t have to wait or click to skip. (Without buying premium.)
Go to Manage Search Engines: chrome://settings/searchEngines?search=manage+search
  • Notion doesn’t let us link this directly 😠
In “Other Search Engines”, add...
Search Engine: Gmail, Keyword: g, URL:
Now try it. Hit Command + L, then type g then hit enter. You should show up at Gmail.
Search Engine: Google Calendar, Keyword: c, URL:
Meta: Search Engine: Manage Search Engines, Keyword: man, URL: chrome://settings/searchEngines?search=manage+search
Add any other websites you commonly visit.
  • We recommend Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, etc.
  • This should eventually replace your bookmark bar.


Open Gmail. (Command + L, then g, then enter)
In Settings > See All Settings, enable keyboard shortcuts. Then scroll down and hit “Save Changes”.
Quickly type g then i to get to your inbox.
Move your arrow keys up and down to select different emails, then hit enter to open an email.
Shift + U to mark as unread
X to select, then Shift + I to mark as read. * then n to deselect.
Try using X to select multiple.
Shift + ? to see more shortcuts if interested.

Level 2: Computer Settings & Programs

These take 1-2 days to get used to, but you can never go back.

Hit Command + Spacebar, then type “System Preferences” (you shouldn’t need to type the whole thing, sys is usually enough). Hit enter. Type “Keyboard” and hit enter.
Put “Key Repeat” at the fastest and “Delay Until Repeat” at the shortest.
In System Preferences, hit Command + F, then type “Trackpad” and hit enter.
Put “Tracking Speed” at the fastest possible.
Command + Tab to cycle through open applications
Command + Tab + Left to cycle backwards through open applications.
Command + F3 to show the desktop.
Command + W to close the window
Command + Q to quit
Install aText
Open toolbar > Show aText
Add abbreviations for common things you type. Start them with q so you don’t actually type them. For example:
Home address: q12 → 1234 Main St, San Francisco CA, 94123
Calendly links: qcal →
Your email address: qec →
Install Flux so you can look at your screen at night
Install SizeUp
Open the app, go to preferences > shortcuts, and set “Make Window Fullscreen” to Control + Option + Command + 0
Then try it yourself on a smaller window.
Open system preferences, then search for “Login Items”
Add aText and SizeUp so they launch whenever you log in

Level 3: Text Basics

You can make a copy of this Google Doc (File > Make a Copy) to play around with the shortcuts below.

Option + Left and Option + Right to skip back and forth between words.
Command + Left and Command + Right to skip to the beginning and end of a line
Option + Shift + Left and Option + Shift + Right to select the previous and next words.
Command + Shift + Left and Command + Shift + Right to select the line up to your cursor and beyond your cursor
Option + Delete to delete the last word
Command + Delete to delete the last line
Command + A to select all the text in the document

Level 4: Google Sheets

Make a copy of this sheet to play around with.

Remember, you can always Command + Z to undo.

Command + Left and Command + Right to jump to the beginning and end of a row.
Command + Up and Command + Down to jump to the beginning and end of a column.
Command + Shift + Arrow Keys to select chunks
Select cells, the Command + D (down) and Command + R (right) to fill in chunks
Command + ? to see keyboard shortcuts, then enable compatible keyboard shortcuts
Command + +, then R to add a row
Command + -, then R to delete a row
Command + Option + M to leave a comment

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