Writing guidelines

If you’re writing stuff for Got Users, follow these guidelines, but don’t waste hours trying to be perfect.

#1: Be specific

This means giving examples and details (without oversharing).

Bad: “What is love? It’s a feeling that bonds people together.”

Good: “What is love? It’s what you feel when you look into your partner’s eyes or when you look at your newborn baby.”

Bad: “I want to make the most of this opportunity.”

Good: “I’ve set aside 10 hours a week on my calendar to make edits based on your feedback.”

Bad: “We cut through complexity.”

Good: “We hire smart people to audit your complicated accounting statements.”

If you can’t be specific, it’s a sign you don’t actually have something to say.

#2: Avoid jargon. Write informally.

Unless there’s a really good reason — like you’re writing technical documentation or speechwriting for the Federal Reserve — avoid professional-sounding language.

Write like you’re speaking to a coworker or a friend. Use words they would understand.

Use contractions (can’t, won’t) instead of the full words (cannot, will not).

Bad: “I am reaching out because we share mutual interests and are part of each other’s professional network.”

Good: “I’m reaching out because I love your dog photos and we both know Jaylen Johnson.”

Our rule of thumb: if it sounds like a government official or Comcast support rep, you need to rewrite it.

#3: Remove filler words

Common culprits: the phrase “I think”, the word “that”, adverbs, passive voice.

Bad: “I think that the best thing to do here is to probably turn off the Facebook ads because we’re overspending our budget.”

Good: “We should turn off Facebook ads because we overspent our budget.”

Bad: “The work will be done by us.”

Good: “We’ll do the work.”

#4: Mix up long and short sentences


This is hard to do perfectly, but keep it in the back of your mind.

#5: Re-writing is 80% of the work

Get your idea down as fast you can, then spend most of your time improving what you wrote.

Here’s an example. (The words in yellow ultimately got deleted.)

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